Embroidery Essentials: Must-Have Tools for Beginners

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Embroidery is widely popular these days, with exceptional displays of hooped art making its way to modern home decor. There are things like adding wildflowers to the backside of your jeans and embroidering pumpkins on a pillow or towel. There is an entire world of art, and you can join it. But before starting, you will need proper tools and adequate knowledge. 

It will help you add excellent designs to almost anything through this form of crafting. You are likely to have seen most of these tools before. But knowing their name and information about them will help you understand what they do and how they are used. In this guide, we will go over embroidery essentials: must-have tools for beginners. 

Invest in an Embroidery Hoop

Firstly, it is vital to purchase an embroidery hoop of the correct size for your particular project. Such hoops are available in both wood and plastic versions. A wooden hoop will be a much better option if you aim to create a sweet wall art. Depending on the type of project you are working on, your preferred hoop will be different. 

Explore Embroidery Needles

If you would like to get started with embroidery, it is essential to purchase embroidery needles. Using sewing needles is not ideal as it serves a completely different purpose. They have tiny eyes, while the embroidery ones have much longer eyes and sharper tips. Remember this face when looking to purchase needles to ensure you avoid the mistake of buying the wrong ones. The sharp end of an embroidery needle is ideal for tightly woven fabrics you will likely use for your canvas. It will feel like more of a luxury to embroider using these needles as compared to working with sewing needles. If you buy a complete kit, you will not need to worry about looking for an adequate needle.

Look for Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss is one of the tools that actually makes the magic happen. It comes in a range of colours. Every strand is made of six threads. It is made of cotton but is also available in other materials varying from brand to brand. There is a visible difference between embroidery floss and thread. The majority of the time, embroidery craft kits will contain floss. As for the difference, it is all about quantity. If the floss is separated, each particular piece will be considered as thread. So, if you enter a craft store and purchase embroidery floss, you will have both floss and thread. 

Pick the Right Fabric

Your preferred fabric acts as a foundation for the complete embroidery project. Your choice has the ability to make or break your project. Try to avoid fabrics that can wrinkle or pucker up with stitches. It is better to choose lighter fabrics. It is also best to pay close attention to your fabric’s thread count. For beginners, it is ideal to start with cotton. It contains a looser weave and a lower thread count. What this means is that your needle can easily go through the threads. 

Wrapping Up

The mentioned embroidery tools are easy to find and use for beginners. Most of the time, you will certainly find them at your local embroidery shops and craft stores. There is hardly anything as exciting as exploring new crafts and understanding the supplies you need are accessible and easily usable.

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