What are the Different Types of Fabrics Used for Cross-Stitch Projects?

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Picking a cross stitch or needlework fabric for your project can prove to be one of the toughest challenges, as plenty of choices are available. There are numerous different categories of cross-stitch fabrics. This includes Linens, Aida, multiple types of Even Weave, Perforated Paper, Hardanger, Canvas, and specialty fabrics. It is considered every one of these different types of fabric has a dissimilar texture, feel and sheen. 

In fact, fabrics also smell different based on what type of material they are made out of and also the way they are dyed. Different types of fabrics have different characteristics, which is why learning about them is essential. Here are the tips for picking the correct fabric for your cross-stitch projects. 

1. Evenweave Fabric

Evenweave fabric is one of the most commonly used fabrics in cross stitch as well as embroidery projects. It has more of a uniform appearance without any sort of holes. It is typically woven in a manner that generates an equal number of vertical and horizontal threads per inch. This creates a balanced and consistent fabric with an even spread of threads. 

Usually, it has a higher thread count than some of the other fabrics, meaning there are more threads per inch. The higher thread count of this fabric makes way for detailed and intricate stitching. It creates more of a smoother surface for stitches, leading to a more refined and finer piece. Evenweave fabric can be a great choice if you are aiming for a detailed finish in your cross-stitch projects

2. Aida Fabric

Aida fabric is another popular choice and a must-have for cross-stitch projects. In simple terms, it is an even-weave fabric type that is designed specifically for cross-stitching. This cloth is made from 100% cotton and contains a unique grid pattern as well as holes spread evenly. It is woven in a manner that creates a standard pattern of holes, which forms a grid. 

The grid assists cross-stitchers in counting the stitches easily and confirm consistent spacing between them. The most renowned Aida fabric is known to have a square grid. Each square will represent one cross stitch. Typically, the fabric is known to be quite stiff. However, it will likely become softer after washing. Aida fabric is a popular and versatile fabric recognised for its ease of use as well as clear grid. 

3. Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is one of those types of cross-stitch fabrics that advanced stitchers mostly use. It is well-recognised for its rustic, natural look, strength, and durability. This fabric is made from flax plant fibres. Plus, it has been utilised for many years for several textile applications. The linen fabric used in cross-stitch is known to have a higher thread count in comparison to Aida cloth. 

This makes it perfect for intricate as well as detailed designs. Usually, linen fabric comes in several counts, including 32-count, 28-count, or 36-count. There is one unique characteristic that separates the linen fabric from others, i.e. its unique texture. Linen fabric is a well-recognised option for cross-stitchers who admire its durability, natural beauty, and vintage look. 

Wrapping Up

Learning about the different types of fabrics used for cross-stitching is highly important. This will help you identify which one you can use for your projects. By learning about the ones mentioned in this article, along with their features, you will have an easier time picking the right one.

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